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The SAS Inland Waters Skippers Certificate is recommended.

Equipment Requirements

Specific rules governing One-design Classes and the following regulations shall apply. Yachts are liable to disqualification by the Race Committee without recourse to protest if they fail to comply. The NKA rules will take precedence over class rules.

  Yachts shall carry the following:

  1. Anchor

Of required size for the yacht, with 25 metres of suitable warp and a minimum of 3 meters x 75mm or larger chain between the anchor and the warp. As a guide, a Danforth anchor should weigh about 0.7% of the yacht mass.

  1. Motor

All keelboats entering a race shall carry an auxiliary motor in working order, capable of propelling the yacht at a speed of 3 knots under calm conditions for 10 sea miles, including the necessary fuel and fittings.

  1. Bailing Bucket

A bailing bucket of at least 9-litre capacity with lanyard must be carried, whether the yacht is fitted with a bilge pump or not. In addition, yachts of 9m length and over shall carry at least one bilge pump operable from the cockpit.

  1. Fire Extinguisher

A non-poisonous fire extinguisher, suitable for petrol fires shall be carried. It shall be operable from the cockpit.

  1. Lifebuoy

A lifebuoy, of suitable size, with a whistle and a drogue attached, is to be carried on deck or readily accessible to the helmsman. A simple floating light shall be attached by means of a lanyard during night racing.

  1. Adequate First Aid Equipment and Instructions


All owners of a VHF radio must have a valid radio license issued by ICASA.

The NSRI VHF Channel 16 has been allocated to be the rescue and race control channel for the Vaal Dam area. NSRI Station 22 on Vaal Dam monitors this channel.

VHF working channels are 9, 12, 14 and 68. These are working channels - correct radio procedure should be followed. Chitchat will not be allowed.


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