Model Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions Northvaal Sailing Association
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As a service to Event Organising Authorities in the NSA, templates of model
Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions have been developed.

Download the models, edit them by deleting those sections that do not apply, ( there are a number of alternative sugested wordings ), fill in the blanks where appropiate, and add those sections that are unique to your event.

There are notes for certain sections that may be of help you when editing the documents - delete these from your final draft.

It is advisible to refer to The Racing Rules of Sailing, Appendix J, for the requirements according to these rules.
The model SI are based on RRS Appendix K.

The following in MS word DOC format
Notice of Race ( 50 Kb)
Sailing Instructions (54 Kb)
SI Addendum A ( Diagram of course ) ( 169 Kb )

The following in RTF format
Notice of Race (40 Kb)
Sailing Instructions ( 69 Kb )
SI Addendum A ( Diagram of course ) (485 Kb )

Please note that for Class National events, SAS requires:

All National and Youth National Class Championships shall be held at venues, dates and times approved by SOUTH AFRICAN SAILING's Racing Committee.

The draft Notice of Race in terms of RRS shall be compiled by the Organizing Authority in conjunction with any relevant Class Association and sent to SOUTH AFRICAN SAILING, for confirmation of compliance with RRS, not less than 3 months prior to the date fixed for the first race.

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