Junior Class Information

Single person junior sailing trainer. Suitable for ages 6 to 15. SA designed and manufactured. Made of roto-molded polythene - very rugged. Easy to rig.
length 2.3 m, beam 1.13 m, sail area 3.25 m2.

Evelyn Osborne

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Exciting one or two person two sail dinghy. Suitable for ages 12 to 18. Active junior racing in SA. SA designed and manufactured. Originally designed for marine ply construction, it is now available in GRP from Performance Craft in Cape Town (Steven du Toit). Length 3.6 m, beam 1.15 m, weight 39 kg, sail area 5.6 m2.


Karen Slater EMail:

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Single person junior International sailing class, with more than 150,000 sailors in more than 100 countries. Ideal beginners yacht suitable for ages 6 to 16. Active junior racing fleet in SA. Made of either wood or fibreglass, length 2.3 m, beam 1.13 m, sail area 3.25 m2.

Shellee Nel- Shellee Nel


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RS Tera

The RS Tera was designed by sailors for sailors to set new standards for recreational sailors, families, clubs, schools and holiday companies.

The RS Tera is easy to handle, fast, fun to sail, versatile and highly durable, is supplied complete and ready to sail and costs less than an entry level Optimist. The basic boat is available in Sport or Pro versions. The Pro version uses a larger mylar sail.

Length : 2.87m; Beam 1.23m; Weight 33kg;
Sport Reefing sail 3.7m2; Pro fully battened sail 4.8m2

Contact: Gert le Roux tel. 083 225 7812