Gypsy Class

Gypsy1.gif (15226 bytes)The Gypsy dinghy is an easy to sail boat which is ideally suited to beginners and family sailing. The hull design makes it very stable.

Designed and manufactured in South Africa the Gypsy dinghy has a strong fibre-glass hull, an integral centre board and an unstayed two piece mast

Sails consist of a Mainsail and a Jib each of which are hoisted and controlled by a simple system of ropes and pulleys.

Gypsy2.gif (17199 bytes)With a launching dolly which slides onto an high speed trailer, it makes the Gypsy one of the easiest two person boats to transport.

Gypsy dinghies are available second hand at reasonable prices ranging from R10 000 to R25 000 dependent upon condition and equipment level.

For new or second hand Gypsies, contact New Generation Yachting - website

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